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The service you offer is ideal for sole traders and small businesses like mine, as it is cost effective, time efficient, friendly and helpful.

Grania Sweeting
Grapevine HR

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Some DOWN-TO-EARTH Clients

We work with local independent businesses and organisations, mostly in the Hampton Wick, Teddington, Hampton, Twickenham, Richmond and Kingston area. Here is a selection to give you a flavour of our clients and their websites:

Food, Drink, Hotels and Leisure

Websites can provide lots of information including menus, photos of rooms or activities, directions and maps, booking forms. Many clients in this sector also use email marketing to alert people to special events such as quiz nights or live music.

High Street

Specialist shops such as the Old Violin Workshop can really benefit from a website that gets found by people searching on Google. A real community business such as The Cavan Bakery uses its website to communicate with its loyal following and to showcase the range of products available.

Professional Services

Consultants can use their websites as extended calling cards. When they hand out a business card at a networking event, they know the recipient can visit their website to find out more about what they can do, clients and case studies. Emailshots and/or Twitter feeds can be used to demonstrate sector knowledge and to keep their names front of mind with their own clients.

Community and Educational

At DOWN-TO-EARTH Websites we have very close ties to our own community in Hampton Wick. Our experience has enabled us to develop websites and online directories for other local communities including Twickenham, Richmond, Whitton, Barnes and Teddington.

The Arts, Creative and Publishing

Artists can use their website as a permanent gallery to display their work.


If someone is looking for a plumber or a decorator, these days they’ll start by searching the Internet. We try to convey something of the tradesperson’s values, experience and personality through their websites and they tell us they now get most of their new business from their website enquiries.